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FrameDrop is an experimental spatial prototyping tool that allows you to pull frames from Figma 'into space.' The screen turns into an easel and the iPhone into a brush.

All frames stay linked to the Figma canvas and update on any changes.

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Some details

Scan InteractionOne thing that was fun to prototype was the scan interaction. The grid expands from the touch's location. Adding randomized delays to each dot gives the feel of 'something being constructed', and pairs well with subtle haptic pulses.
One great utility of that animation is that it isn't time-based. This makes it possible to speed up/cancel the animation if the scan is interrupted.
TrayIf we think of the iPhone as a brush, we can scale that metaphor and lean into the device's form factor. The Dynamic Island area is used to display metadata about the currently selected frame.

In the prototype, the tray doesn't provide any functionality beyond displaying the Artboard name, but I can imagine that the 􀁍Plus icon could invoke some sub menu that'd allow you to add interactions to the Artboard (e.g. on Pinch or Tap, change the visibility of certain elements – wouldn't that be cool?)